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Introduction About Us

Who we are? OUR VISION:

To be a technology driven Company operating with the foremost advanced technologies, developing extraordinary solutions that drive businesses to new heights, nonetheless build it easier for the individuals operating those businesses to finish their everyday tasks.


Software applications are desktop-based, web applications and mobile applications, required by all organizations, even if they are complicated. Medium and Small Enterprises are complex structures with large scale companies, one of the biggest challenges needed to maintain coordination between different teams. On the other hand, the medium and small scale enterprises generally end up working on conceptual understanding instead of concentrating on specific sheets like large companies, in addition to this, the need for small enterprises is a development team that is flexible and tidy in its functioning. Everything has been made as easy as possible.

Outstrip infotech Pvt. Ltd. was established to solve these concerns. We are a desktop, web and mobile application development company which is presently available to bring about the complex structure of the companies and the spirit of compatibility between the requirements of medium and small enterprises are there. Gaurav Jain has made Outstrip infotech Pvt. Ltd. a complete software company, which has a dedicated team of 50+ professional designers, who have developed mobile applications for developers, website design and development, software development, e-commerce development, social networking websites and There is portal development. We understand the idea that the design creates an Outstrip infotech, we have a great team of digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, communications experts, project managers and business developers to work together on their client projects in a joint venture have done. We work with the most recent, cutting- edge technologies in application development to examine software systems that pioneer, ease and contour ancient and fashionable business processes.


We strive to plan, develop, construct and deploy solutions that not only boast of the Quality and Time guarantee, but also offer our clients with easy to use, high – tech, database driven and interactive solutions. We plan to achieve all this with a team that is constantly learning and evolving, and at their peak in terms of performance, both at work and in their personal lives.

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