PRESTASHOP is an open source web development and provide an E-commerce platform that makes online market for business. It comes with a variety of devices necessary to build a successful online store. PRESTASHOP is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. Prestashop product catalog, payment, features built-in over three hundred for the management of shipping, manufacturers and suppliers. The PRESTASHOP Add-ons marketplace provides a platform for third-party developers to sell themes and modules to merchants.

Implementations of a dedicated PRESTASHOP developer hire PRESTASHOP theme / template behind Infotech and correspond most professional PSD to optimize and cost effective recruitment solutions. OUTSTRIP INFOTECH is self-bounded with 100% commitment and assurance towards its client. Thus, we focus on every broad need of customers and quickly address them through the dedicated support team of the PRESTASHOP programmer in our home. The fully owed team of dedicated PRESTASHOP programmers from OUTSTRIP INFOTECH brings to its clients, the excellence, co-ordination and proficiency all together along with highest quality standards that assure minimum risk and maximum return on investments.


  • Prestashop provide free E-Commerce solution, unique products, category, customers, orders and Product Comparison.
  • It’s an good program for SEO, get traffic.
  • It’s providing filters that can make easy to use.
  • Prestashop is a mobile friendly store.
  • Provide integration feature for Payment methods like: PayPal, eBay, Google with keys.
  • Its sell products, provide services, and made an inventory management system.
  • Prestashop also provide downloadable products, Localization, Easy Checkout Process, Layered Navigation, Cross Selling


PERSTASHOP is a very good Web Application that provides much type of features like:  Product Comparison, SEO friendly, filter search, Payment integration, localization, easy checkout, and inventory management. In OUTSTRIP we can provide a better Web Application and develop it as per you requirements.