PHP is a language to create websites on the Net. Any page that can easily be added to HTML can be dynamically generated. This is a server-side scripting language.. PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but it now stands for the recursive acronym PHP.

PHP allows a static webpage to become dynamic. Preprocessor “means that the HTML page is created to make before, changes in the PHP framework. Enables this powerful application to be created that can publish a blog, remotely control hardware, or run a powerful website. Of course, to accomplish something such as this, you need a database application such as MySQL.

Features of PHP

  • PHP has Efficiency, Platform Independent, Secure, Flexible, Familiarity
  • It is very simple and easy to use, compared to other scripting languages it is very simple and easy, this is widely used all over the world.
  • It is an interpreted language, i.e. there is no need for compilation.
  • PHP is very fast from other scripting language speed like asp and jsp.
  • Open source means you can free download and use.
  • PHP code will be run on every platform, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Php variable is a case-sensitive script language at the time of declaration. In PHP, all keywords (e.g. if, else, while, echo, etc.), classes, functions, and user-defined functions are NOT case-sensitive.

Why Use PHP?

  • Rapid Development
  • A Framework Makes Your Application More Secure
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Stronger Teamwork
  • The Community Is There for You
  • Data Analysis and tracking
  • Inbuilt functional management
  • Easy plug-ins
  • Content management authorization
  • Create dynamic website.
  • Send and receive e-mails.
  • PHP to find today’s date, and then build a calendar for the month.
  • Using PHP you can count your visitors on your website.
  • PHP can add, delete, and modify elements within your database. Access cookies variables and set cookies.
  • PHP performs system functions, i.e. from files on a system it can create, open, read, write, and close them.
  • It can handle forms, i.e. gather data from files, save data to a file.